About Us

MYSTICAL FACE is a face art speciallist centre which is established year 2010. We are  founded by premier team of stylist are highly trained professionals who have extensive experience cross all as parts of semi permanent makeup. We have 3D eyebrow embroidery, Gbrow embroidery, eyebrow embroidery , eyeliners embroidery and lips embroidery. Emphasis is placed on communication to personalize each look to the individuals personal preference , and facial features you will be guided to achive the desired outcome for your aesthetic needs with ours expert recommendation in an intimate.
Fengshui in China already has five thousand years of history. In China Fengshui Eyesbrow also named Lucky Eyesbrow and its means of Palace Of Brother Sister alsoknown as Wealth Palace.Said the owner of the wealth and intelligent also on behalf of between siblings friends and social relationships. Demand mix with the eyes and eyesbrow. In Physiognomy, eyesbrows as the King and eyes as the Minister.
What is Semi Permanent Makeup ?
- Semi Permanent Makeup is a way for a women to avoid the hassle of putting on makeup everyday. This form of cosmetics is applied with a Semi Permanent tattooing system. The makeup last for around 12 and 24 months. The makeup either be dramatic or of a more natural color. The pigments are non-toxic and hypoallergenic most women find thar if they use more natural tones on their skin they can also use their normal makeup as well when they desire too.
Why do women need Semi Permanent Makeup ?
- Save makeup pretime and make you look great 24 hours x 7 days.
- if you caught by rain or swimming , still keep you look great and natural .
- New Semi Permanent Makeup technology can give you that natural stylish look .
- Especially for those women who live in Asia country, they are always under hot sun and hot weather , facing dissolve makeup. Semi Permanent Makeup is your smart choice to avoif the problem.
- Person who have over-plucked their eyebrows hair,have gaps or scars where the hair has not grown back, suffering from hair loss,weak or light hair or want a particulars shape for their eyebrows. Semi Permanent Makeup can resuiting to a more natural,even,defined pair of eyebrows.
- The pigmented , dark , black lips problem. Lips embroidery can help you get back soft, smooth and sexy piknkish color lips . Women can smile confident with a pair of smooth and sexy lips.
- Eyeliner embroidery helps womens enhance the appearance of their eyes. Its provide safety and convenience to the people oily skin, vision problem or unsteady hands. 
MYSTICAL FACE is devoted to helping our clients enhance their natural beauty , naturally.